Expertise and experience

Some of the projects done by Krause IT-Consulting

Below you'll find a list of projects we've been working on with a short description of which role we played in realizing them. It's a selection of projects that represent our skills and knowledge.

We focus on functionality, performance and usability in all our projects

We are very passionate and proud about what we do, and deliver great performing applications right on schedule.


IBM Notes / IBM Domino development (aka Lotus Notes)

Jan 2018 till Feb 2018

Workflow Engine based on Java and Xpages

Translating and improving existing Lotus Notes native Workflow Engine into Xpages.

Technical details:

Xpages on Domino 9.0.1 FP 9 with OpenNTF Extension Library and OpenNTF Domino API
Driven by Java Managed Beans and bootstrap4xpages theme, using as little as possible SSJS and EL to keep code clean, readable and easily extendable.


Framework to create new web based mobile friendly applications with workflows, as well as migrating legacy applications

May 2016 till Nov 2017

Project management system Aladdin

Very specific project management system with approval workflow, hour recording, resource management, reporting, accounting.

Technical details:

IBM Domino 9.0.1 application for native Lotus Notes Clients only


- Project lifecycle management
- Engineering process improvement benefits finance and controlling processes
- Transparency (useful reports, reports, reports)
- Cost controlling

Feb 2016 till Apr 2016

Bug fixing and Improvements on BELOS system

Support work on room, resource and event management system based on Lotus Notes

Technical details:

Bug-fixing, troubleshooting on IBM Notes 8.5 based existing room resource management application.

Oct 2013 till Nov 2013

Generating Excel Reports for existing databases

Generating reports according to customer-defined rules for different existing Notes databases

Technical details:

Lotus Script based shuffling of existing data and bringing it into the right order with related calculations.


Having customized reports on existing data

Nov 2011 till Dec 2011

Fully automated Account creation for Lotus Notes and Windows

Integrating Lotus Notes Account creation DB into IT Service Request Account Request workflow. Automation of Windows account creation, with pre-selecting reference account during request for copying permissions.

Technical details:

Active directory accounts created through LDAP with designated AD account.
Lotus Notes Accounts created through automatically creating requests in ID Manager database.


Less administrative work and better documentation of account history.

May 2011 till Dec 2012

IT Service Requests Europe

European system for requesting IT Services of all sort, like Hardware, Software, Accounts, Telephone. Including adjustable approval processes for each type of request.

Technical details:

Based on JE-owned Notes Domino-based workflow engine. Workflow engine needed to be adjusted and extended many times, but the base stayed..


Manageable IT requests, approval flows as well as decommissioning resources after people left the company.

Mar 2010 till Aug 2010

SMS notification system for Server Monitoring

Sending SMS during Out-Of-Office hours only and weekends to defined on-call administrator. Configuration of on-call admins, calendar to enter color coded on-duty periods.

Technical details:

Making use monitoring system and SMS gateway in company's Server infrastructure. Building an interface between the two.


Notifications via SMS when nobody can check the monitoring system or emails. Documentation, Reporting, Analyses of server failures. Problem management.

Jun 2009 till Sep 2009

Mail Maintenance Tool

Application to do basic maintenance and repair server tasks on mail files, like running fixup, compact, updall and replacing design. Monitoring and documenting success or failure of each process and repeating, continuing or canceling maintenance according to predefined rules. Permission mapping according to global admin, local admins and regional administrators

Technical details:

Chosing an address from Global address book. Agent automatically start with maintenance task and checks for completion in log.nsf where the mailfile is located. Sending out notification to Administrator once all is completed.


So much more time for Administrators to care abut other tasks.

Web Development

May 2017 till present

Online tool to sell event photos

Since the project is not online yet not much information will be released here.

Technical details:

Laravel 5.4 running on VPS Ubuntu 12 / MySQL / PHP 7.2


Providing a platform for photographers to sell photos taken on sport events

Oct 2016 till present

Wordpress plugins / widgets

We develop first class database-driven custom plugins for Wordpress. Please visit us on our Wordpress Development Domain for further details on this topic

Technical details:

Wordress Plugins available as downloads as well as customer specific plugins


Having dynamic content for website / business owners with little technical understanding

Jun 2016 till Jun 2016

Making existing website mobile-friendly

Technical details:

Implementing CSS media queries on existing design. Adjusting container structure and images without changing the actual design.


Cheap way to make an existing website mobile-friendly

Feb 2016 till Apr 2016

Bug fixing and Improvements on BELOS system (Vaadin 6)

Support work and developing new modules on existing room and resources management tool

Technical details:

Vaadin 6 framework with PostgreSql database

Apr 2015 till present (new and Laravel 4.1 based)

Online community for amateur and hobby endurance athletes with open event photo sharing

Technical details:

Redo on Laravel 4.1 Framework with JavaScript/jQuery plug-ins: Dropzone, WOWslider, Wysihtml5, jQuery UI, Fancybox 2.


Improved performance, modern design.

Jul 2014 till present

Plantaciones Edelman

Getting rid of legacy CodeIgnitor iFrame based application and integrating it into Wordpress. Bit by bit integration with Wordpress custom plugin.

Technical details:

Wordpress plugin translating the Codeignator code. Improving performance and usability.


Seamless integration into Wordpress theme.

Mar 2014 till Apr 2014


Implementation of wwslideshow instead of animated gifs. Improvements on underlying custom CMS, configuration of TinyMCE plugin, SEO consulting. Several smaller adjustments.


Better user experience.

Feb 2011 till Jun 2014 (the initial version)

Learning / exercise and testing project based on php, mysql, javascript, CSS, HTML - no Framework, except later jQuery for JavaScript, used as private code repositiory